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14 days and the End is a Beginning

m o r p h e m will have its last entry and then halt. It might move on, you never know. But to start gain you have to stop first: 1.6.2009

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Movies like these

Where could you have seen such movies over and over again in former days? Today you have got the web and a new content format: Experimental Travel Videos

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Kleinanzeigen? Internet? Da war doch was…

Und sie hatten doch recht, die Schweizer Verleger.

Schon 1998 hatten sie Angst vor Zuständen wie heute. Still sassen sie da, einer nagte am silbernen Bleistiftverlängerer (es gibt Dinge, die vergesse ich einfach nie, nie, nie) , die anderen rutschen unruhig auf’m Stuhl rum, als Bill ihnen zu erklären versuchte, dass es wohl doch Auswege gäbe, man müsse halt innovativ sein. 10 Jahre hätten doch gereicht, um sich richtig zu bewegen (einfach zusammenkaufen gilt nicht), auch wenn man mittlerweile schon 200 Jährchen auf’m Buckel hat. Aber eben, Konjunktiv. War nix.

Aber da braucht man jetzt auch nicht heulen und schimpfen.

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m o r p h e m = m o r p h e m + 100

4 weeks to go, counting?

m o r p h e m is a project. So it has a clear end date: June 1st 2009.

Agree. But shouldn’t we all do a post-mortem (post-morphem)? Learning from our learnings?

A 2 year old post is worth a lot – even if not read any more. Like a good old wine. Un-opened. It might be read/ opened! Things seem to move faster these days, but experience still counts.

Harald, in case you want to really close this – let me take ownership as of June 2nd.

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Zürich Traffic – display the nightmare

Well, driving a car through Zürich is like having sex with a hamster (Please do not let me explain that). Nevertheless, this realtime service shows how traffic jams and grows downtown. Even with prediction mode…

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Porno hunters in Facebook

Yes, Porno is as dangerous as a cup of tea. That is why Facebooks hired porn hunters. I do not know much about their job but coming home at night and being asked about the day, I would expect answers like “…wankers…all of them…”.

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