One in a million!

April 16, 2009 at 8:21 am Leave a comment

Interesting. “Star” Ashton Kutcher challenges CNN on twitter: he thinks he gets > 1’000’000 followers faster than CNN.  At first this sounds like some “*ç%it idea, like somebody [or his PR team] who is hungry for attention, but, surprise, surprise, this guy really can think and talk straight – check out the details on TechCrunch. Social media usage, impact of one person versus a large publisher… interesting.

And besides that; by now it’s for a good cause: no matter who wins the race will donate some 10’000 tents to fight malaria. Bill, why don’t you throw in some more tents? And tell Steve to acquire Twitter. Before you’re second best [again].

Update 17/4/09: kutcher won see the story on CNET and, funny enough, the CNET editor goes along the same storyline as I did – what a coincidence.


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