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No lala in Europe

Lala sounds great in theory. Just listen to music you search and pay for downloaded mp.3s only. Naiiiis. But there is a disclaimer as soon as you start. “Sorry US only”. Thank you to remind me that I am living in a European jungle and there are still folks out there who believe that Americas is the only internet market.


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Open Source Cinema

Geht man nach Open Source Cinema, scheint der Entwurf einer copyrightfreien Welt nur Disney-Managern, der RIAA und beratenden Kanzleien von Großkonzernen Angst zu machen. Ich behaupte jetzt dreist, der Kampf “Remix vs. Copyright” sei der nächste große Generationenkonflikt. Hat jemand außer dem klugen Herrn Lessig eine Meinung dazu?

October 25, 2008 at 7:27 pm 4 comments

Du sollst (nicht) stehlen, irgendwie

Canadian Filmmaker meditates about copyrights @ internet age. The Remix Manifesto ist ein weiterer Versuch zu sagen: Urheberrecht ist last century. More and more, ideas move to be raw material. It is the mix, baby.

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Have an idea

Like the theory: The more people share the more ideas, the better ideas will evolve and lead to prosperity. If copyright & capitalism do not prevent them to be shared freely. Play it as a game , or should I say: simulate it?

If that is too much of a game for you, try this: Google calls for ideas to improve lives of as many folks as possible. The hardest part: Pump these ideas into heads… and hands.

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Bad luck for Muxtape has been a very nice service to copy & paste songs for friends. But US-RIAA let it close down due to copyright issues. Well, just in case. Interesting enough: in Switzerland, a copy for friends is legal. But can you call a parallel user of a service a friend? Can you call a parallel visitor of a school a friend? Second you would.

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