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Coal to start a download

In a brief video Jay Walker ( at around minute 7 of 8 ) shows that a single MB of data needs the energy of a piece of coal just to find its way from a server to your computer. 5% of all energy we consume is being needed to run the Internet ( may be compared to yearly amount of cerosin needed for airplains ). A movie on your iPod needs a sack of coal…so to speak.


December 16, 2008 at 8:14 am 2 comments

Super Brain: Too expensive and too unefficient

Got 208 Millions of USD left? Buy yourself a second brain. World`s fastest computer is fairly as capable as your own head. But there is one downside. It needs the electricity of 1200 households to run. Or in other words: 100.000 times more energy than your own brain. Not really efficient. There might be one upside, however: It will never complain about headache (Not meaning to have sex with it…nooooo).

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