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iPhone is a tired thing this year

So far, innovation is missing watching new iPhone OS versions coming up. Yes, there is a lot of stuff for developpers to move on and build a stable business. But the technical innovation is low and does not reach standards at some areas. No video, no ful bluetooth support. No MMS until Summer, Copy&Paste will have to wait as well.

In business terms, this all makes sense. But it is boring…


March 18, 2009 at 9:29 am 2 comments

Piracy needed – new headphones of Apple

As Apple finally agrees to confirm: there is a proprietary chip in the new iPOD shuffle ear plugs. The reason is simple. If the chip is missing, you ain’t hear nothing coming out of the iPOD. Nice…for Apple. So all vendors being 3rd party and wanting to sell a “build for iPOD”-gear have to licence the chip…piracy needed!

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Safari 4 is coming

Download now, Safari for MAC and Windows. Coverflow browsing and tabs are the most recent features. Nothing groundbreaking, but nicely integrated.

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New iPhone: See the Talk

Rumours are boiling up that an update on current iPhone 3G will include iChat technology pushing video calls. And changeable battery. This sound like Wow, the new car will have a seat. End still: This is a fake design and wishful thinking. Apple might come up with something quite different…and less.

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Apple 09

Like everyone else I was pretty underwhelmed by Apples Keynote: DRM-free music, Sting as guitar tutor… yawn. Now that I’ve installed “iWork 09”, things brighten up a little. Everything is simple and deliciousely presented. W-Office still has a lot more features, but who need all that crap?  After fooling around for an hour: Nice makeover, folks! But next time I’d really like to see innovation. And I’m not talking Snow Leopard.

January 7, 2009 at 2:23 am 1 comment

Black Monitor Down

New anti piracy technics called HDCP will prevent external montitors to show movies stored on a Mac as illegal copies. If your monitor is not compliant, you are forced to buy a new one, as the computer might refuse to show any movie with HDCP at all.

Following Swiss laws, you are allowed to copy for your personal purpose and even for your friends (Which I think is a strange rule…).

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