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No sleep till Sendeschluss

According to Nielsen, US citizens watch TV more than ever. Da Tube is up and running for 143 hours a month (!). When and how the hell did US Troops attack Iraq and Afghanistan? Add the meals and there is even no time left in the States to declare these days to be a financial crisis…or do I miss someting? BTW: Usage of mobile phones, Internet and other gadgets rises as well. Perhaps nobody listens anymore, surfers use macros. There exists no sleep-mode @US-TV-screens…


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Party is over

Click onto a preview of old media to see an old campaign. Have fun.

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Change the Change

Suddenly everybody wants get rid of Bush as soon as possible (Who the hell voted for him then?). Now, “change” has become a buzzword like “freedom” and “terrorist” before. But how do you change “change” into politics? By using the media. And the basic media of Obama 2.0 is the Web. So here is to start with a change. Well, hopefully the only tired change during the next months.

November 7, 2008 at 8:29 am 1 comment

Using money instead of bailing out

Barack Obama announced a rural broadband plan a.o. as part of his election promises. Seems like US tries to spend money for things that make sense instead of an oil- or investment market. If Obama wins…

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